Aignéis Étaín Moore


Player: Alyssa Fain

Character: Aignéis Étaín Moore


  • Aggie
  • Aggie Moore
  • Aignéis Moore

Creature Type: Kinfolk

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Fianna

Born: <Enter date>

Moon: <Enter moon for Kin>


  • In the Human World:
    • Crime Scene Investigator (CSI)
  • In the Nation:
    • Kinfolk


Basic Homid Description:
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Everyday Outfit:
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Battle Gear:
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Meaning of Name

Aignéis Étaín Moore:

[Irish Gaelic form of Greek Hagne, meaning "chaste; holy."]
[Irish name derived from the word éadan, Old Irish étan, cognate with Gaelic aodann ("face"), Latin ante ("against") and Sanskrit ánti ("opposite"). Étaín is the heroine of The Wooing of Étaín. She is the daughter of Ailill, king of the Ulaid, second wife to Midir, whose first wife, the jealous Fuamnach, turns her into a pool of water, then a worm, and finally a beautiful butterfly.]
[The ancient Irish Moores settled in Kildare, while most Moores are from Antrim and Dublin.]


  • Stiofán Tomás Moore
    • Father
    • Kinfolk to the Fianna Tribe
    • Killed by BSDs
  • Aignéis Máire O'Neill Moore
    • Mother
    • Kinfolk to the Fianna Tribe
    • Killed by BSDs
  • Cailín Máire Moore
    • Little Sister
    • Kinfolk to the Fianna Tribe
    • Aignéis take care of her since their parents deaths.

Common Knowledge

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Daily Routine

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IC Contact Info

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OOC Information

Player: Alyssa Fain

Time Zone: Central

Location: Central IL

Contact Info:

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  • IRC: Alyssa_OOC


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