Name: Alysia Flanigan
Tribe: Bone Gnawer
Breed: Kinfolk

Notable Traits:
She is a girl of around 18 with long black hair with purple streaks in it adorned by a purple baseball cap, smokey blue grey eyes that show a hardness to her, she wears a hoodie with baggy cotton pants, sneakers that look slightly worn, she has a 5' thin lightly tanned athletic body built like a dancer

5 appearance traits
Friendly face

Information known to the Nation
She came to the area looking for a new place to stay…she is known to live on the streets or in run down apartments when she is able to find one. She uses her dancing skill to earn money she also has worked in fast food places, caffee's, and restaraunts….as either a cook, waitress or even a dishwasher. she has even danced in clubs with a group of friends in the underground

She also seems a bit cocky at times and a "take no shit" type of girl. She is also friendly and easy to get along with

She had captured the interest of the Metis named Linus and he claimed her as his…..her friend Jared has also expressed his love for her and wants her as his wife


Kin / family


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Player: Brandi Cantrall

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