Basic Information


  • Annie Johnson
  • "Annie Gallentiev"
  • "Annie Frankner"
  • "Danny" (if you ask Drip)

Breed: Homid Kinfolk

Tribe: Bonegnawer

Moon: Theurge Moon

Born: February 7, 1992

Titles: Sept Cook


Base Description
Annie looks to be about 17 or 18 and is attractive with numerous piercings including tongue, eyebrow, labret, and navel. Her hair is hot pink at the ends with several inches of brown growth. Her figure is still slender but with some very nice newly added curves.

Typical Outfit:
Annie wears jeans, a nice tank that has buttons up the front, and tennis shoes. She carries a leather bag strapped diagonally across her body.


  • Bites the Mailman aka Kane
    • (Relation)
    • Bites the Mailman, Frees the Horses, Fostern, Lupus, Ahroun of the Bonegnawer Tribe
    • He is a lupus garou of mixed breeding favoring his Rottweiler ancestory who grew up as a house pet.
  • Emmy
    • lupus (poodle/chihuahua mix) Bonegnawer kin
    • born June 3, 2009, full moon
    • Bites the Mailman brought her to Annie after her mother and unborn litter mates were killed by a car.
  • Lara and Liza
    • born July 7, 2009 under a full moon (were due July 1, 2009)
    • They are Annie's daughters.
    • Their biological father is Mickhail Gallentiev and Tom Frankner was to adopt them.
    • They are identical twin girls.
    • They look half Russian and half American and their features are a mixture of both Annie's and Mickhail's features.
    • Lara
      • AKA Larisa Marina Mickhailovna Gallentiev
      • Lara was born first by a few minutes.
      • (shown in pink)
    • Liza
      • AKA Elizaveta Yekaterina Mickhailovna Gallentiev
      • Liza was born second by a few minutes.
      • (shown in yellow)

  • Mickhail Gallentiev
    • Hits like a Hammer, Bringer of the Light, Silver Fang Fostern Philodox
    • Deceased mate and father of Lara and Liza.
    • Though once engaged, she had the title of his consort.
  • Tom-Frankner
    • Annie's second mate and fiance that was to adopt Lara and Liza but never did.
    • Ghost Whisperer, Seeker in the Dark, Silent Strider Fostern Ahroun
    • He left while she was captive to the BSDs.

Common Knowledge

  • Annie was living on the streets before coming to the sept.
  • Annie really dislikes violence.
  • Annie dislikes cigarettes beyond a distaste, possibly even being afraid of them.
  • Annie though a Bonegnawer kinfolk became pregnant with the children of Mickhail Gallentiev, a Silver Fang.
  • Many did not approve of Annie and Mickhail Gallentiev being mates or engaged.
  • Ray Morris of the Ratkin is friendly with Annie and seems to look out for her even if it means saying things she does not want to hear.
  • Annie was attacked and received death threats because of her and Mickhail Gallentiev's relationship.
  • Mirela Devetzi hated Annie and went completely out of control when she found out that Annie was pregnant with Mickhail's child.
  • Mirela Devetzi and Maevalyn Gallentiev both physically attacked Annie in front of witnesses.
  • Jason of the Bonegnawer Tribe was publically punished by the sept for threatening to kill Annie and give her babies to the Black Furries.
  • Jason is the only Bonegnawer Annie does not get along with.
  • Annie was almost always seen in the company of Tom-Frankner during the late winter of 2008.
  • Annie was taken during a BSD attack late at night on February 6, 2009.
  • Annie was rescued during a battle in a cave with BSDs on March 20, 2009.
  • Annie showed a degree of sympathy for her captors.
  • Tom Frankner was Annie's mate and fiance.
  • Tom Frankner left the sept before Annie was rescued from the BDSs.
  • Since Drip of the Bonegnawer Tribe arrived, Annie has been looking after him including cleaning him up and giving him a haircut.
  • Annie helps out with the cooking in the dining hall and is a very skilled cook.
  • Annie also likes to draw and is rather talented.
  • Annie has been going around asking sept members if they play instruments because she is trying to help Fallon Cunningham find more band members.
  • Meli Starr is staying in Annie's cabin over the summer 2009 break from her college.
  • Annie took in and cleaned up another new arrival to the sept, Christopher Michael Johnson.
  • Christopher Michael Johnson is really Annie's twin brother.
  • Bites the Mailman is often seen on Annie's porch.
  • Annie always has doggy treats for Bites the Mailman.
  • Annie gave birth to twin girls, Lara and Liza, July 7, 2009.
  • Zig Dauphine had been playing songs for Annie, likely in an attempt to win her affections, before he was sent away.


  • Annie had been abused by foster parents prior to coming to the sept.
  • Annie was Mickhail Gallentiev, first mate before he even met Mirela.
  • Annie was abused by more than one of the Silver Fang tribe because of her relationship with Mickhail.
  • Some thought that Anne and Tom-Frankner were mates nearly from the start, but Tom told everyone that was around they were not, but were trying to date.
  • Is was royal pain in Tom's ass, but there was still something there that people see.
  • When Annie was taken by BSD's she was a slave to them in many ways that are just not want to be thought of.
  • Dayla of the Bonegnawer Tribe went to rescue Annie and was captured herself and then joined the BSDs.
  • Annie sympathized with her captors despite their intention to sacrifice her.
  • Annie is cursed when it comes to men.
  • Annie has finally given up on men. She is just looking for the right Black Fury woman.
  • Annie had been helping Fallon and Damien find more band members because she secretly has a crush on Fallon Cunningham.
  • Annie was secretly dating Drip.
  • Bites the Mailman started trying to convince Annie he would be a good mate long before the twins were born.
  • Annie is just an alias… her real name is Danny… just ask Drip.
  • Annie has had more suitors than most kin ever do.
  • Annie has more piercings that she can not show anyone and remain decent.


  • "Yeah and my babies won't have webbed toes from inbreeding." ~ Annie after Moira O‘Malley and Haiden Stone gave her a hard time about her tribe being low.
  • "Stay.. umm.. wait a minute" *grins and stands up* ~ Annie (kinfolk) to Bites the Mailman (Lupus Fostern Ahroun)
  • "I’ve been trying to come up with a name…. I don't want to give her a name that will sound dumb if she grows up and shifts some day though…… Like Puddles the Ahroun.. just wouldn't work" ~ Annie on naming Emmy
  • "Two legs do NOT drink out of toilets!" ~ Annie to Bites

IC Contact Information

  • Annie can usually be found either in her cabin #Annie_Cabin or working in the kitchen, #CW_DiningHall.
  • Annie has a cell phone and her friends all have access to her number.

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