Name -Arkin Gunther Cole


Tribe - Get Of Fenris

Breed - Kin Folk

Notable Traits - stand 6'9" he if he is seen with out a shirt on he has a tattoo with the Mjollnir hammer on his chest like a necklace with barbwire going around his neck, he has a glyph of the Fenrir on his right shoulder blade and blue flames from his wrist to his for arms he has a scar on his left Bicep that looks like his arm was cut open. with a razor blade tattoo at the end of it covered in blood Purebreed x5 (Get of Fenris) 4 App traits.

Pack - Usually Seen with Thera

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin/Family none known of

Rites and Challenges: none


== Rumors ==

He was given as a birthday present for Thera by Thrall

Tear you Apart by She wants Revenge

Vermillion Part 2 by slipknot

Simple Man By Deftones

Minerva By the deftones

Stripped by Shiny Toy Guns

One By Korn

==OOC Information==

Player -
Jack Switzer

Location -
In the Land of Far Far away

Contact info -

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