Bites the Mailman


Basic Information


  • Bites the Mailman, Frees the Horses
  • Kane

Tribe: Bonegnawer

Breed: Lupus

Auspice: Ahroun

Rank: Fostern

Title: Eldest Bonegnawer


Base Description:

Bites the Mailman stands an imposing 6'8" and is well built. He has long black hair with brownish highlights.


Bites the Mailman is a very large Rottweiler/Wolf mix that favors the Rottweiler. His ears and tail are cropped.

Bites the Mailman is a very large Crinos Garou with features that are a mix between a man and more of a Rottweiler than a Wolf. He only has a little stub of a cropped tail and cropped ears as well.

Typical Outfit:

When in homid, he always has boots, jeans, and one of several wrestling Tshirts. He often accessorises with with a package of dog treats.


  • Emmy
    • lupus (poodle/chihuahua mix) Bonegnawer kin
    • born June 3, 2009, full moon
    • Bites the Mailman brought her to Annie after her mother and unborn litter mates were killed by a car.

Common Knowledge

  • Bites the Mailman is the eldest Bonegnawer at the Sept of the Crosswinds.
  • Before Bites the Mailman shifted, he was a family pet.
  • Bites the Mailman first shifted when his family was killed by a famori mailman whom he later killed.
  • Bites the Mailman has a very unusual Crinos form complete with cropped ears and tail.
  • Bites the Mailman is fascinated with the two leg thing called wrestling.
  • Bites the Mailman eats dogie treats in homid.
  • Bites the Mailman is often seen sitting on Annie's porch.
  • Bites the Mailman is very protective of Bonegnawer kin, especially Annie and her identical twin girls, Lara and Liza, and Emmy.
  • Bites the Mailman brought Emmy to Annie when he found her mother after she was hit by a car and died just after giving birth to her puppies whom all died except for Emmy.
  • Bites the Mailman refers to babies as puppies.


  • The only reason Bites the Mailman has not beaten Christopher Michael Johnson is that he is Annie's litter mate.
  • Bites the Mailman is so nice to Annie because he wants her to be his mate.
  • Bites the Mailman is too much like two legs to fit in with other Lupus.


  • "Two legs always makes things hard." ~ Bites the Mailman
  • When looking at thumbs, "These things are good for opening treat boxes!" ~ Bites the Mailman
  • "Two legs do NOT drink out of toilets!" ~ Annie to Bites

IC Contact Information

  • Lupus don't carry cell phones!
  • The best way to get a message to Bites is to howl or leave a message with Annie.

OOC Information

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