Character Creation

Crosswinds uses the basic creation rules out of Laws of the Wild, plus forty experience points and 5 free Lore.

Step by step, you get:

Step 0.5 - Select Concept, Breed, Tribe, Auspice.
Step 1 - Spend Attribute Points, 7 in Primary, 5 in Secondary, and 3 in Tertiary.
Step 2 - Spent Ability and Background Points (5 each). Note at this point you also get 5 free Lore.
Step 3 - Select your Gnosis (Determined by Breed), Rage (Determined by Auspice) and Willpower (Determined by Tribe). Select your 3 Basic Gifts, one each from Tribe, Breed and Auspice lists.
Step 4 - Spend your 5 Merit points, and take any Merits, Flaws, and Negative Traits you wish at this point. Merits and Flaws are each capped at 7, and Negative Traits at 5.
Step 5 - Spend the additional 40 experience points.

Wow! That wasn't so bad!
For Kinfolk, use base creation from Laws of the Hunt instead. Garou are capped at Fostern at present.
At this time, no more Fera are being approved.

Grapevine is a preferred program for sheet-making/tracking. Find it at

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