The Crosswinds game is a cooperative storytelling game. While we wouldn't get anywhere without our Storytellers to run things, the game is about characters, people, and their lives. Have a look at the stories of those who inhabit the world of Crosswinds.


The Garou

Gaia's Rage, her wolf-changer children the Garou are sometimes overcome by it in their desire to fulfil their duty and keep the Mother safe. Herin lie those Garou of the Crosswinds who would fight tooth and claw to bring about a better world, who would do anything to bring down the Wyrm. Herein lie those Tribes who would Rage until the last, fight until the end. These are their stories.


Black Furies

  • Calliope Terpsichord, "Avenging Angel", Athro Ahroun of the Black Furies, Eldest Ahroun, Sept Alpha.
  • Juno Lykopis, "Voice of the Isles, Mercy of Men" Fostern Ragabash of the Black Furies.
  • Penelope Karadakis Adren Ragabash
  • "Visage of Moon`s Grace, Sliver of Fury's Vengence", born of wolf under a Crescent moon, Fostern of the Furies.



Bone Gnawers



Children of Gaia





Get of Fenris

  • Aren Larssen "Rages Against the Storm", Fostern Skald
  • Gunnar Erikson Ahroun, "Bloody Fists of Rage"
  • Randall, Cliath Ahroun
  • Thera, Cliath Theurge
  • ThrallLarssen, "Wins with a Loaded Deck", Adren Philidox of the Fenrir Tribe, Eldest Philidox, Sept Beta
  • Silver Fostern, Ahroun, Lupus
  • Sága Skömmsdottir, "Sees the Unseen, Speaks for the Dead", Metis Fostern Theurge


  • Alexandra,Ready Counsel/Swift Justice, Fostern Philodox, Eldest Philodox, Master of Challenges, Beta of Newfound Strength.
  • Mathew Steeltalon Walks the Wyld Ways, Adren Ahroun, Den Parent.



Shadow Lords


Red Talons




Silent Striders


Silver Fangs

  • Viktor Anatoly Krushev, Pierces the Clouds with Falcon's Gaze, Judges with Pure Thought and Intent, Fostern Philodox Homid, House Crescent Moon
  • Fedor Sokolov, Falcon's Watchful Eye, Adren, Theurge, Eldest Silverfang
  • Anja Misha Cliath








** Kinfolk **

Part of the Garou's world, yet not part of it at the same time, Kinfolk are those family of the Garou who never shifted themselves. Immune to the mind-bending fear inspired by their shifting cousin's presences, Kinfolk perform many tasks integral to the Garou they cannot themselves. Yet they are often all too fragile, easy targets for enemies who wish to target the hearts of the brave warriors of Gaia. These are their stories.

** Fera **

The Garou ae not the only changing children of Gaia, and each have their own responsibility and duty to Her. In times past the Garou's rage nearly destroyed some and completely wiped out others, much to the sorrow and rage of all. Since, things have been strained between Garou and their more distant cousins, yet now after their own sacred place has been destroyed they come to the Garou for aid. Here might be a chance to begin anew, and it falls to each of the diverse Fera to choose for themselves. These are their stories.












The Departed

The world we live in is not a clean one, not a pleasant one, and we lose many in the fight. Few survive to old age.

  • Catalina Santiago, Sings the Hero's Glory, Dreams of Luna, Fostern, Eldest Galliard and Silver Fang, who sacrificed her life to the Fates that others might pass through the Underworld and enter battle with the Titans that took Olympus.
  • Mickhail Gallentiev, Hits like a Hammer, Bringer of the Light, Fostern Philodox.
  • Maevalyn Gallentiev, Silver Fang Kin
  • Joansey, Cliath Ahroun of the Children of Gaia
  • Karina, Cliath Theurge of the Glass Walkers who died combating a bane-spawning threat.
  • Lars of the Get of Fenris, who fell combating a threat in the SCAR Realm.
  • Olivia, Kin to the Children of Gaia, destroyed by Breton the fallen Mokole.
  • Random, Jack O'Brien of the Nuwisha, called away to a final mission.
  • Juliet, Kin to the Fenrir and Bone Gnawer , died in Russia no one really knows the tale of why or how
  • Vasilios Lykaios, Kin to the Black Furies, brutally murdered in a local night club
  • Koren Lykopis Fostern Philodox - Killed in a raid against the fallen Mokole Breton
  • Silversong - Fell in the raid against the fallen Mokole, Breton
  • Hannah - Killed in a raid against the fallen Mokole Breton
  • Mercetis DeSoto, Kin to the Glasswalkers - Killed in a raid against the fallen Mokole Breton
  • Domagoj Balic - Murdered by BlacK Spiral Dancers
  • Johan Sebastien Von Du Hiers, Basks In Shadows, Fostern Ahroun Lupus - Murdered by BlacK Spiral Dancers
  • Taki - Murdered by BlacK Spiral Dancers
  • Lilly - Murdered by BlacK Spiral Dancers
  • Mountain's Calling - Murdered by BlacK Spiral Dancers
  • Mirela Devetzi Kin to Silver Fangs
  • Malena Tevelan - Murdered in town by unknown assailant
  • Tom-Frankner Fostern Homid Ahroun - Abandoned pack and responsibility.
  • Themi Vhalos, Cliath Philodox. - Whereabouts unknown
  • Perdita, Stands her Ground, Cliath Theurge and anruth. - Whereabouts Unknown
  • Fukiko Parr, Fostern Theurge - Whereabouts Unknown
  • Claudine of the Gurahl
  • Theron Of the Mokole. Wait, he is dead, isn't he?
  • Dayla, Bonegnawer, Metis
  • Wicca Longbottom, Cliath Theurge. gone…..
  • Caelin Went back to Greece.
  • Daphne Berenike Died in a raid with vampires.
  • Sybil Lykopis Went home to Greece.
  • Ajax Left the caern.
  • Drip and Yoink Left the caern.
  • Jason Died in the mirror realm.
  • Turns Tail Left the caern.
  • Cadrian Left the caern.
  • Jorie Saraphina Turned BSD and died in a raid by the garou.
  • Devlin Called to fight in the Ard Righ's army.
  • Marcus Died by the hand of wolves.
  • Sioned Was killed after mating with her pack alpha.
  • Neirin Went home to Ireland.
  • Alvis and Kajetana Went out in search of information about his past.
  • Arnthor Died in a barroom brawl.
  • Ermac Didn't care to stay.
  • Orin and Isolde They left to go home to Germany. He is fighting and she is making a home for their family.
  • Lief Was eaten by a pack of BSD's
  • Viktor Alderman He is moving about the country, buying and selling companies.
  • Darian Snow Missing.
  • Ogre Was sent back to his tribe.
  • Kefer-Ra Got lost in the dark umbra and no one has found him.
  • Kolya Was assasinated by his tribe, for commiting unspeakable acts against kinsmen.
  • Micawi and Donatello Killed when his store was blown up by vampires.
  • Xavier Sent to another caern to train.
  • Sasha His uncle came to retrieve him and bring him back to Russia to take his rightful place in the family.
  • Bobby McGee Left after Jorie was killed and rumor is that he killed himself in despair and shame for not paying enough attention to her.
  • Christina Kin to the Silver Fangs, was summoned home to marry a man chosen for her by her parents.
  • Colleen Went home to Ireland to get married and have little babies.
  • Etienne Kin to the Silver Fangs, killed in a car explosion.
  • Frankie Kin to the Bone Gnawers, left with Cadrian.
  • Jesse Missing kin. But no one really cares since he caused the death of a mother and four children.
  • Karin Kin to the Children of Gaia, left and married her "dream" man and is now living in the Bahamas.
  • Micajah Went home to deal with his children in Greece.
  • Nicu Got wanderlust and is now looking for Rose/Rasia.
  • Rebecca Kin to the Glasswalkers, killed during an attack.
  • Tina Matthews Kin to the Black Furies, left after turning VAsilios and Eva's proposal down.
  • Toshi Was torn apart by a pack of Black Furies.
  • Mist Walker Was so embarrassed about her fur being cut off she ran away and has not been heard from since.
  • Zach Barnes Went looking for Karin Roberts and no one has heard from him since.
  • Tzayad Fostern Philodox, killed by a Spiral who then inturn used his head as a 'present' for Thera
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