Colleen O'Byrne

Name - Colleen Islene O'Byrne

Tribe - Fianna

Rank - Kinfolk

Breed - Homid

Notable Traits - Pure Breed x4, Firey Red hair, striking green eyes, Enchanting Voice, Fame x1 (Her family is known as being rather well off and opening businesses.)

Information known to the Nation
  • Born and Raised in the US
  • Is known to sing at request
  • Makes her own Jewlery
  • Knowledgable in the ways of the Fianna
  • Knows a bit about the Garou as a whole
  • Very friendly

Colleen comes from a family with money. With that money, is the family Business, the Irish pub and eatery that has slowly started it's chain across the country. To this day, there are only about six opened locations of Heart's Song. The Pub chain is lovingly named afer her mother's deed name, and is her and her father's way of keeping her in their hearts. Colleen is currently the on site Owner/Manager of the Heart's Song in Mobile.

As the owner, she's currently looking for fellow Kinfolk and even Garou to employ.


  • Owen O'Byrne, Father
  • Mary O'Byrne, Mother, [Deceased]
  • Filthy Rich

OOC Information

Player - Manda 'Squee' Scroggins

Location - Steger IL

Contact info - moc.loa|lrugeeuqS#moc.loa|lrugeeuqS

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