Connor O`Reilley

Player: Bee, Michael Bee

Aliases: Connor, Con

Creature Type: Kinfolk, Mundane

Political Affiliation:

Titles: Connor O`Reilley, Kinfolk, Mate to Alexandra, Ready Council, Eldest Philodox.


*Looking for my old Description…*
Quick Summation: Connor looks like Connor from Boondock Saints, the tall MacManus brother

Common Knowledge

*Married to Alexandra
*Has been a Hunter before, but never hunted Gaian Garou, he hunts FOR Gaia, and prays to her
*Has threatened Garou and Kin who've threatened or made light of stressful situations involving his mate and wife.
*Is a talented Cook and Baker
*When seen is either heading into the mess for Alexandra, or is off on a patrol or exercising


*He's Glasswalker Kin, and yet is clearly Fianna stock and breeding
*Bears a Fetish, which he claims is a gift from Black Unicorn directly
*Is rumoured to have come to North America following Alexandra… via the Umbra… on a quest… yet with no Umbral Key
*Alexandra isn't the first Garou he's been mated to
*He seems to slip from an Irish Brogue to almost perfect English, and back…


Find Out! :D

IC Contact Info

cell phone is the best.. but he does have chat and webmail
moc.liamg|emuaihtreBeeBM#em liame

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