Devlin O'Connell

Player: Greg

Aliases: Dev

Creature Type: Garou

Tribe: Fianna

Political Affiliation: Gaian Garou

Titles: Devlin O'Connell, Brings the Beer, Homid Cliath Galliard of the Fianna



Devlin stands just shy of six feet tall, has slim build with dark brown hair curling down to his shoulders. He carries a simple travellers pack pretty much all the time, slung over one shoulder lightly. He is wearing a simple black shirt, and beige khakis. A black eye patch covers his left eye. ( gorgeous 3 )

When he does not have the eye patch on, his left eye is an empty socket. Massive amounts of scarrin surrounds it, the markings left from a silver weapon.

Family name Meaning: Strong as Wolf
Family Crest Meaning:
The Stag is a symbol of skill, beauty and a lover of harmony. It is the most ancient of the charges. And the most handsome. It is Symbolic of all the irish ancestors, not just of the clan.

The white on the family crest stands for Sincerety and peace, while the green stands for hope, and loyalty in love.

The three Trefoil, or shamrocks if you will, represent perpituity and longevity.

The shield itself is called a " Chief " shield, it represents our families' Authority, wisdom, and achievement in battle

The Helmet watches over the entire crest, as a testemant to the wisdom we O'Connell show in defense of all we hold dear.

Common Knowledge

He has arrived to the sept of Crosswinds, from Ireland
Aaralyn is his sister,
He is often seen drinking from a flask that he carries from him, or from a whisky bottle
He is incrediably talented with the bag pipes (performance with them x5) and has been heard playing them a few times on the sept thus far.
He is a fun loving, warm individual that is known to fight for innocents




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