Basic Information


  • Emmy
  • Puppy of DOOM!

Tribe: Bonegnawer

Breed: Lupus Kinfolk

Auspice: None Yet (IF she shifts, Ahroun)


Emmy is a tiny lupus Bone Gnawer kinfolk that was born June 3, 2009. She is a Poodle/Chihuahua mix with light brown soft fur.


  • Mother and litter mates
    • Kinfolk to the Bonegnawer Tribe
    • Her mother was hit by a car before she was born and survive long enough to have her. None of her litter mates survived.
  • Annie
    • Adoptive mommy
    • Kinfolk of the Bonegawer Tribe
    • Born February 7, 1992
  • Bites the Mailman aka Kane
    • Adoptive daddy
    • Bites the Mailman, Frees the Horses, Fostern, Lupus, Ahroun of the Bonegnawer Tribe
    • He is a lupus garou of mixed breeding favoring his Rottweiler ancestory who grew up as a house pet.
    • Bites the Mailman brought her to Annie after her mother and unborn litter mates were killed by a car.
  • Lara and Liza
    • Sisters via Annie
    • Kinfolk of the Bonegnawer Tribe
    • born July 7, 2009 under a full moon (were due July 1, 2009)
    • They are Annie's identical twin daughters.

Common Knowledge



  • "I’ve been trying to come up with a name…. I don't want to give her a name that will sound dumb if she grows up and shifts some day though…… Like Puddles the Ahroun.. just wouldn't work" ~ Annie on naming Emmy

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Attached to Character Played By: Alyssa Fain (aka Alyssa_OOC)

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