Name - Fukiko Parr

Deed Names - Raven Shadow, Banshee's Call

Tribe - Shadow Lord

Auspice - Theurge

Rank - Fostern

Breed - Homid

Notable Traits - has long black hair, light brown almond shaped eyes betraying an asian heritage, wearing black leather pants and a snug blood red babydoll tee with the logo for Dante's Inferno over the bust, and finely made wedge heel leather boots. Her voice has a eerily enchanting quality to it.


Pack - SG-1

==Information known to the Nation==

Donatello her best friend

Rites and Challenges



  • It's nice to talk with a guy and not be treated like some hentai wet dream come true ( Fukiko to Nicu)
  • Rules are ment to be bent (Fukiko to Donatello)

== Rumors ==

  • She is a Haaken claiming to be a Shadow Lord
  • She was once mated to Donetello but it just didn't work out and refuses to answer why.
  • She's taking a liking to Collin Brady.
  • Since Donatello is taken care of, by his mate Micawi, she has left for parts unknown.


Big and Rich - Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy

Omina - Morrigan

Omina - Satyr Sex

Anastacia - Left Outside Alone

Emerald Rose - Freya, Shakti

==OOC Information==

Player - Maria McKinnon

Location - Portmouth Va

Contact info - moc.liamg|aillaiR#moc.liamg|aillaiR

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