Name Graciella Donovan

Deed Names Futures Hope

Tribe Child of Gaia

Rank Cliath

Breed Homid


Notable Traits

is a young vibrant female looking to be in her 20's with long deep red hair lightened by lighter red hilights falling to her lightly tanned shoulders, soft alluring forest green eyes regard you from behind her glasses showing a wise and careing heart ( 4 app traits, PB x3 COG)

typicaly wears casual clothes, is also seen in scrubs when at work that fit her 5' athletic frame, black boots

a white gold ring with a Diamond set in it, around it are 2 musical notes bent to make a circle adorns her left ring finger

is once again packless


==Information known to the Nation==

she is a young doctor not long out of med school she works at the moble infirmary clinic

Recently found out she is pregnant

Kin / family
just her mate Javer Montoya

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==

== Quotes ==

==OOC Information==

Player Brandi Cantrall


Contact info

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