Gwenevere Snow


Player: Jeanne

Aliases: Gwen

Creature Type: Gaian Garou, Cliath

Political Affiliation:

Titles: Gwenevere Snow, A Beautiful Lie, Ahroun Cliath of the Lord of Shadow, born to man


Gwen stands nearly 6 feet tall, and has an extremely athletic build to her. She most often wears a pair of black jeans, a black tank top and a pair of black leather boots. Her long ebony hair falls nearly to her calfs in length. She watches around her with her silver-blue eyes closely. She has a commanding and almost dominant way to her body language, she shows no emotions within her stance or her features.

When her back is showing she has the follows tattoo visible: with at the base of her neck. the word snow is in scroll letters underneath the stormcrow

When she is in lupus, she is a deep black furred wolf that blends into the shadows. The Tattoo of the Stormcrow at the base of her neck can be clearly seen in silvery fur in the same place. She has a deeply feral way to her while in this form, that seems to rise to the surface from within.

Notable Traits

  • Pure Breed 4 Shadowlord
  • Gorgeous x3, alluring 1
  • Intimidation x4

Common Knowledge

Her father: Darian Snow, known also as Swift Vengeance, Nighthome's ally, Whispers the End, Eyes of despair, Strikes like Lightning, Ends the Watch, bearer of the Storm Talon, Elder Ahroun of the Shadow Lords, Beta to Crosswinds

  • Darian Snow was her denparent
  • She has a great amount of knowledge about the nation
  • She can get a little angry now and then
  • She hates drama
  • She is combat trained, and knows two different kinds of martial arts: Bando and Aikido
  • She lives in the city, off of the sept
  • She has recently passed her Rite of Passage, gaining the name A Beautiful Lie.
  • Her rite of passage left a lingering change to Gwen. She has been cold, and far more removed from emotions.
  • She fought at the fight against Breton to get back Tatyana and Dahlia. She was originally recon gathring infomation for people, then entered battle. She is still angry at the outcome and loss of Hannah.
  • She has proven to hold a vast amount of knowledge that most cliaths and even higher ranking garou have not heard before.
  • Gwenevere has been cold, and slightly withdrawn from most everyone on the sept lately
  • She can most often be found within the training grounds, nearly working herself into utter exhaustion
  • She left to Spain for some time. The reasons behind this has been left to the shadows… apparently it was more important then fighting with the Sept. She returned slightly changed from this event, and has several new scars.


she talks to something that isn't there.. she is nutz
She knows far to much for her own good
Gwenevere is a huge bitch…well what do you expect from a Shadow Lord


Follows the Scent: "She`s like a caged deadly creature behind bars. Do not go close to the bars and do not feed… or she is all cute and cuddly trying to sound fierce."


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cell phone is the best.. or maybe a spirit
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