Name - Hunter Jacksonca1d.jpg

Tribe - Corax

Auspice - Awesome

Rank - Ales

Breed - Homid

Notable Traits - Alluring x2, Gorgeous x2

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin/Family: Mated to Calliope, Has two children, Artemis and Apollo

Rites and Challenges


== Rumors ==

Hunter has no War or "Crinos" form.. and anyone who says differently is a dirty liar.

Hunter collects nickels.

Hunter has a garou and a mokole living in his house.

Hunter's Mother, Kira "On Swift Wings" Jackson, strikes fear into the hearts of men.

Hunter is a girl, he likes to put ribbons in his hair, and he wants to kiss all the boys.


Frikkin' A - Trend

==OOC Information==

Player - James

Location - Georgia

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