Name - Juno Lykopis

Deed Names - Voice of the Isles, Mercy of Men

Tribe - Black Furies

Auspice - Ragabash

Rank - Fostern

Breed - Homid

Notable Traits - Curly, chocolate brown hair, firey temperment, easily excitable, crescent shaped scar on her left palm.

Pack -

Information known to the Nation

Hails from Greece, and is the cousin of Vasilios. She's a skilled archer, and spends a lot of her free time at the Archery Range to kill time. She also likes to read, as she's been seen many times with a book in hand. She has no issues speaking her mind, even if it gets her in trouble, which, it has. Many times.

  • Has been seen on many occasions with the Kin Micajah
  • Seems to have a unique bond with Snow's Echo
  • Has moved in with Micajah
  • Went to the Bahama's to retrieve Karin, but returned without her for reasons unknown
  • Was one of the first to volunteer to help Thera look into the murder of the Silver Fang Kin
  • Nearly became Leech food on her first venture to the club scene
  • Saved Randall from becoming Leech food himself at a recent Rave
  • Was banished from the Sept by the Alpha herself.
  • Has since returned, being far quieter than usual.
  • Even though both Vasilios and Koren have passed, Juno seems to be back to her chipper self
  • Has spent an obscene amount of time in the city lately
  • Went with a select few Garou and one Kin, upon the request of Sakhtu herself, to retrieve a stolen Pathstone.
  • Was apart of the group that botched a Formori elimination adventure. Innocents were killed, and chaos ensued.
  • She took off without so much as a goodbye, and hasn't been seen, nor heard from, in months. She returned two days before Halloween to the Sept.


  • Vasilios Lykaios, Kinfolk and cousin, protectorate [Deceased]
  • Koren Lykopis, Older sister [Deceased]
  • Sybil Lykopis, Eldest sister [Whereabouts Unknown]
  • Micajah Diakos, Boyfriend 'Would-be Mate' Ex
  • Thera Andersen, 'Blood Sister'

Rites and Challenges




Micajah- "Pfft, I will bet you my life you're pretty fantastic at more then you realize."
Juno- "Never bet your life to a Garou."
Micajah- "Why would I bet it to anyone else?"

  • Secretly eloped to Vegas with Micajah to get married by a Werewolf Elvis impersonator so that she wouldn't live in sin. They honeymooned at the Star Trek Experience…don't ask about the Oomax.
  • Was overheard saying she will touch her cousin whenever she wants to.
  • Juno has a deep lust for Chinese food, particularly wantons.

OOC Information

Player - Manda 'Squee' Scroggins

Location - Illernoise

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