Name Lucienna Aragazzi

Deed Names Rends the wings of night

Tribe Silent Strider

Rank cliath

Auspice Ahroun

Breed Homid

Notable Traits

is a young Egyptian female looking to be in her early 20's with long Ebony hair all up in tiny braids falling to her lightly tanned shoulders, soft alluring forest green eyes regard you ( 5 app traits, PB x3 Silent strider)

Whisper of Wings with Nuit (pack Alpha) and panya

==Information known to the Nation==

nothing much is known as of yet other than she arrived with her mate
She is Kefer Ra's younger step sister

during the rather rough labor she shifted but thanks to the help Of Ray Morris and Dances the midnight path her son was not harmed

Her mate never returned from the mirror realm they had been trapped in and she seems rather calm ..almost relieved about this fact

She joined a pack of striders and was known that during a mission her and her pack sister succumed to the powers of Mr. Blue and were his slaves for a short time. Bothered and ashamed of this she asked her pack to watch her son while she went on her own as a wolf for a while.

She went traveling for a time wiht her pack but has recently returned


Kin / family
Jesse Aragazzi - mate (now gone)
Kefer-Ra - Brother (now gone)
Aedan - Son
Nuit - Packmate
Panya - Packmate
Cameron Grey - Packmate

Rites and Chalenges
completed her rite of passage and bacame cliath

went to pangea to help bring back the cure for the spider bites as her rite of passage

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==OOC Information==

Player Brandi Cantrall

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