Name Maevalyn Gallentiev

Tribe Silver Fangs

Rank Kinfolk

Breed Homid

Notable Traits

young gorgeous girl of around 16 with long silver hair that hangs loosely down her back, beautiful silver blue eyes that allure you much like a stormy sea, she has somewhat a resemblance to Mickhail (4 app traits, PB x5 Silver Fang)

She is most seen dressed in very classy clothes fitting her 5'3" slender athletic frame, black boots, when she moves she moves with a cat's grace and nobility when she speaks her voice is soft and soothing (soothing voice, catlike balance)


==Information known to the Nation==

She died giving birth in mother russia into the hands of the spirals

Kin / family

She is the younger sister of Mickhail Gallentiev

She is to marry Viktor A. Krushev

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==

Rumor is reasoning behind her and mick being separated in childhood is due to their parents setting them up to be mates

*Her mate, Viktor, came home from Russia, claiming her father murdered her and cut the baby from her stomach.

== Quotes ==

strange things siblings talk about

<Mickhail> Well Father was standing behind mom like he was keep trying to reach for her or something I don't know…..and she was grabbing the footboard as in pain and moaning….I think he really hurt her or something…and it seemed he was still trying to hurt her more I think
<Maevalyn> i am glad i didn't see that

  • Maevalyn shudders a bit

<Maevalyn> that image scares me
<Mickhail> I didn't know what to do….I couldn't take father then….I would have only been hurt like mother…..but she was a proud Russian noblewoman and didn't show any main the next day…rather proud of her personally…she went around with a big grin on her face and very very happy like

  • Maevalyn chuckle

<Mickhail> Why are you chuckling? I was very pround of mom

A Lesson from Maeve

  • Maevalyn walks over to mick motioning to stand up
  • Annie_ sighs and moves
  • Mickhail stands up
  • Maevalyn hops up on him just how annie was earlier
  • Mickhail blinks
  • Annie_ looks

<Maevalyn> now if you walked up and saw us like this how would you feel
<Annie_> but I am his mate
<Maevalyn> what would you think
<Mickhail> I did tell Mir about that

  • Mickhail shakes my head and taps Maev to get down

<Maevalyn> even if oyu are annie look at how it looks

  • Annie_ frowns

<Maevalyn> people are going ot jsut think your going at it or something
<Maevalyn> it doesn't look that good
<Mickhail> Um…sis….this is rather akward

  • Maevalyn slides down

<Maevalyn> just making my point
<Mickhail> Thank you
<Mickhail> I know, but just feels weird to have my sister on me like that

==OOC Information==

Player Brandi Cantrall


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