Memorable Quotes and Stories

A page for memorable quotes and stories from games.

Ray - " It's a New version of Russian Roulette…. Lets throw things at the Elder till he frenzys

Snow's Echo - "Canolli…"

Eagle-Eye-…Silver-Fangs playing grab-ass. Now I've seen everything! (About Mirela and Mickhail)

<{11}Meli_Crinos> - i would like a phsical to fist the woman.
<{15}War-Pooka{Umbra}> - lol
<{11}Meli_Crinos> - crinos fist should be able to block a vagina and stop bane births
<{11}Meli_Crinos> - especially with the claws extended.

Calliope_Terpsichord: "Juno, as a ragabash you have duties to the nation, but as a cliath you have to watch your mouth."
Juno sighs, "'s my best feature…"

<Ray_Morris> Now see you know its the shit when Micheal Myers and leatherface show up to your wedding.

<Ray_Morris> Well folks….I think its about time I go…seal the deal. (Referring to his wedding night with Siobhan)
<Mathew-Steeltalon> YOU CAN DO IT

* Thrall-Larssen blinks as he looks out the window.
* Gunnar screams THRALL!!!!! as he drives by

@Siobhan_Morris huffs and pushes a lock of hair from her eyes.(After getting into a fight with her husband)
Ray_Morris slides his arms around her waist and nuzzles against her neck, "Come on baby. I love you."
<Gina> you guys need therapy or sumthin
Gina gets up and goes inside

@Siobhan_Morris looks quite upset and angry.
<Ray_Morris> Want a pony? Ill get you a pony. Just stop pouting!
Ray_Morris sighs defeatedly

  • Fyodor_Tarasov looks at Lucienna,"Do not worry little cub! You will be back to sucking, fucking and whatever else he said in no time! Be ….diligent? Is that the right word?"
  • Lucienna growls at Fyodor

<Lucienna> I am not worried about fucking or sucking
<Lucienna> that is the last thing on my mind

  • Annie_ blinks
  • Fyodor_Tarasov nods then looks to Annie,"Did I sound supportive?"

<Annie_> Ummm.. I think maybe.. your word choice could have been better
<Fyodor_Tarasov> Should I try again?

"Stay.. umm.. wait a minute" *grins and stands up* ~ Annie (kinfolk) to Bites the Mailman (Lupus Fostern Ahroun)

<ZhouYuMin> In the most basic form what he said is the quest for truth is neverending, for the cosmic truth is not something that any mortal person can comprehend. However, to stray from the path is to fall into a never ending pit of confusion and despair.

  • Nuit[pb1SS] turns and starts making her way towards Lucienna, slowly and with her hands visable and to her side.

<Many_Names[Crinos]> Allow me to explain. Perhaps this will simplify things. I am a werewolf, but not born one like you folks. I was bit by a werewolf that jumped through my dorm room window and cursed for all eternity to roam the night killing virgins and preying on sheep."

  • Many_Names[Crinos] blinks and looks to Zhou, "I…I said all that?" He then puffs up proudly "See…Im a deep motherfucker."

<Maia> you never know with the weaver
<Maia> they may thinks my money is delicious

Bites_the_Mailman shifts to lupus walks over and starts to breath in chris's face <dog breath>
Shannon`Kingsley: "He will be in trouble for not sleeping with the other cubs.."
Annie giggles watching
Shannon`Kingsley moves and stands next to Annie letting Bites handle it. Shannon`Kingsley covers her mouth trying not to giggle to much
Bites_the_Mailman bark loud into his ear
Chris_M_Johnson still sleeping "you smell Great today Shannon"
Shannon`Kingsley covers her face and died leanning into Annie covering her mouth laughing
Annie giggles

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