Name: Memphis
True Name: Amunet Meskhenet Omari Amenophis
Deed name: The Lost One
Tribe: Silent Strider
Rank: Fostern
Auspice: Ahroun
Breed: Homid

Notable Traits
Stands for a female a full 6'5" with her boots, she is of clear Egyptian decent with a very light nubian complexion, she has deep black hair with a noteable feature of a clear white streak through it, her eyes are a rich chocolate brown that always seem to carry fury or rage in them. She appears to be in her mid-30's and continues to have the youth and beauty of someone young. The lids of her eyes are tattooed in black in a form of eyelining blacking out half of her lids. She has heiroglyphics the entire length of her backside, from neck to achilles tendon, not one spot is bare, the text is written small in old world tattoo styling so even if faded it is raised like brail. She has many battle scars along her back along with regular scars. The scars break up some of the heiroglyphics. She has some scattered heiroglphics on the front of her body that is covered by clothing save for one mark on the right side of her face, this mark extends from above the brow down to the cheek bone and is narrow. It is the Eygptian equivalant in Heiroglphics to the meaning "Daughter of Owl". She has more heiroglphics on her arms and legs. She has the distinctive Glyphs of Fostern, Ahroun, Silent Strider. Glyphs that are poorly removed are Athro and Ragabash.


Information known to the Nation
she is the Lost One, She was the only survivor of her pack so she went on her own for a time without a pack let alone a Sept. She has been a successful messenger between Septs passing important impormation to it's leaders for the last 5 years. She has refused to discuss her past and have been to almost every Sept in all the United States and Aboard in her 5 years of being a wanderer. Despite being asked by many Septs to become a member and find peace and a home she has wandered doing her duty for the Nation.

Kin / family
Baikal - Mate
Baikal JR. - mate's son

Rites and Chalenges


  • Memphis was found on the outskirts of the Crosswinds Sept by its Beta near death.
  • Saved delievering a bloody message.
  • Apparently she battled BSD's to get through possibly killing one.
  • Since being healed and recovering several have stepped forward claiming to have known her in her past as being an Athro and Ragabash.
  • Following true to form she attempted to leave and continue her wandering ways; she was ordered to remain at the Sept in order to seek and find the truth of her past.
  • Having accepted this she has spoken with the Alpha and taken up residence within the Sept.
  • Tired of having been alone she has taken a mate not of her Tribe and and adopted his son as her own child causing many to talk depending on who is talking will determine how she responds, avidly being quite protective over Baikal and her son.
  • She carries a necklace with a band upon it.
  • Tends to not be a very nice Garou to most save for cubs, those she calls family, and oddly a Corax she has befriended.
  • She has deep amnesia and flashblacks.

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