Name Mercetis DeSoto, Mercy

Tribe Glasswalker

Auspice None

Rank Kinfolk

Breed Homid

Notable Traits Nose usualy in her PDA as she works on her research, her jet black hair looks to have been buzz cut or shaved not that long ago.

===Information known to the Nation===

Kin/ family Wicca Longbottom - Cousin, Meli Starr - Cousin, Johan Von Du Hiers, Basks In Shadows - Suitor

Rites and Chalenges She recently escaped from the clutches of a serial murder/rapist, and her Shadow Lord suitor is tracking the offender down at this time.


=== Rumors ===

*She is a liability to the nation becous she was abducted by the fallen dragon Breton.

=== Soundtrack ===

Bond - Scorchio

Bond - Gypsy Rhapsody

Angela Via - Baila Baila

Nuttin But Stringz - Thunder

E Posthumus - Requiem for a Dream

=== OOC Information ===

Player Maria McKinnon

Location Portsmouth, Va

Contact info moc.liamG|aillaiR#moc.liamG|aillaiR

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