Mickhail Gallentiev

Name - Mickhail Gallentiev

Tribe - Silver Fangs

Auspice - Philodox

Rank - Fostern

Breed - Homid

Notable Traits - Pure Breed 5, Fair Glabro, Huge Size, Solid Silver hair and Silver Eyes

Deed Names - Hits like a Hammer, Bringer of the Light

Pack - In the process

==Information known to the Nation==


Maevalyn his sister

Mirela Alexia Devezti of House Cressent Moon his Wife

Annie, his consort

Rites and Challenges

Punishment rites


*<Annie_> let a doctor stick the big turkey baster of love in her (referring to Mirela)
*<Mickhail> Well Father was standing behind mom like he was keep trying to reach for her or something I don't know…..and she was grabbing the footboard as in pain and moaning….I think he really hurt her or something…and it seemed he was still trying to hurt her more I think
<Maevalyn> i am glad i didn't see that

  • Maevalyn shudders a bit

<Maevalyn> that image scares me
<Mickhail> I didn't know what to do….I couldn't take father then….I would have only been hurt like mother…..but she was a proud Russian noblewoman and didn't show any pain the next day…rather proud of her personally…she went around with a big grin on her face and very very happy like

*<Mickhail> Wait…..
<Mickhail> they ALL died?

  • Caelin nods.

<Caelin> They all died. <very quietly>
<Mickhail> I'm SO in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
<Mickhail> I can get out of the marriage then

  • frankie- snots

<Mickhail> Dude….where do I sign?

Eagle Eye - …Silver-Fangs playing grab-ass. Now I've seen everything!

== Rumors ==
*The high king of the Silver Fangs had him assassinated for disgracing the Silver Fang
tribe, by forcing his sister to have sex with him to impregnate her with his child before
her real mate could.

*Scared of women for some odd reason.


==OOC Information==

Player - Nathan Brown

Location - Phoenix, Arizona

Contact info - moc.liamg|nogardevaR#moc.liamg|nogardevaR

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