There are only so many hours of daylight to burn, you want to talk so I talk.. you want me to fetch so I fetch.. you want me to fight so I fight.. you want me to bleed.. so I bleed. You want me to die? Find yourself another bird.


Quelin Talks Endlessly to the Southern Wind

Tell me what you know, I'll tell you what you want to hear
I'm ment to be a messenger, the voice that travels far and near
I've gleaned and kept your secrets, at least till they are told
It's the meaning that I'm after, not the grudges you may hold

Name-Talks Endlessly to the Southern Wind, Quelin, Quelly, or Birdbrain
Rank-Oviculum.. the rough equivalent of a garou cliath
Breed-Homid born corax
Tribe/Camp-Being a corax she doesn't have a tribe.. and she steers clear of camp politics amoungst the birds
Pack-Being fera, she isn't in a pack.. but she is often seen in company of the septs Silent Striders.

Appearence: Slender, petite and looking as she may shatter at the slightest touch.. Quelin is deceptively athletic. Short, unevenly chopped blond hair is pale enough to be called 'white' and is usually held out of her face by a barret of some sort, or left to fall into her eyes depending on her mood. Her eyes are pale, clear sea-glass green or blue depending on the light she's in.. black in any form outside that she was born to. She perfers to wear unrestricting clothing of a gauzy, light nature.. but lately has been wearing micro-mini skirts, pasties, and stilletos(blame her job) she is also constantly covered in glitter and tends to smell of cheap ciggerette smoke and beer if you catch her right after work.
Notably( magnetic x4, delicate x2, eerie )

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