Sophia Talbot

Sophia Talbot

Player: Mandy or Kitty_OoC

Aliases: Sophie, Sophi, or Soph

Creature Type: Silverfang Kinfolk of House Wyrmfoe

Political Affiliation: Gaian


She stands about 5'7" in height and near 120 pounds in weight. Long, raven-colored hair that frames around her face as she looks about with deep lapis blue eyes that is mixed with the fair, silky complexion she has.

Notable Traits

  • She has 7 appearance traits
  • Sophia holds pure breeding of 4
  • Sophia is alittle intimidating as she is willing to stand up against anyone at times.

Common Knowledge

  • She arrived in Mobile to get away from memories of her home back in Boston.
  • Known to the sports world for being an upcoming track athlete and a future hopeful at the World Championships and the London Olympic Games in 2012. (Fame 1)




Find out IC… she might talk about stuff…

IC Contact Info

Calling her is the best way to get her.

moc.liamg|nekasrof.erup#em liame

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