Tatyana Aleksandra Raya Revnik

Player: Jeanne

Aliases: Tatyana Anya Katerina Cherchesov

Creature Type: Silverfang Kinfolk, Clan of the Cresent Moon

Political Affiliation: Gaian


She stands all of 5'4" and holds an atheltic tone to her body. She often wears jeans and a warm sweater, her long blonde hair pulled back out of the way. She has sky blue eyes that hold a deep warmth to them, and she speaks politely with a warmth to her voice, at all times. She does speak with a Russian accent.

The other way she has been seen to be dressed in is motorcycle leathers, all black with an extremely well crafted jacket. Her bike is in the parking lot under a weather protection cover that is locked. When seen the bike is extremely well kept, and has some serious modifications done to it.

Notable Traits

  • She has 6 appearance traits
  • Tatyana holds pure breeding of 4
  • Tatyana has a very warm way to her, it is extremely easy to approach her

Common Knowledge

  • She arrived to Crosswinds just quietly minding her own business.
  • She works in Dhalia's Shop as a mechanic and is studying under her to become better. She considers Dhalia a dear friend.
  • She was claimed by Eagle Eye, though that has come to an end.
  • She now resides within the city
  • Part of her past has been revealed with the arrival of Fedor on the sept. She has been missing from Russian now for 3 years.
  • She has been taken with Dhalia by Breton.. she along with Dhalia have been brought back to the sept and are alright………….
  • She yelled at Eagle Eye for calling the Tribe "Wyrmbringers"
  • She has shown a great deal of strength to her, and when her back is to the corner she comes out swinging.
  • It was well known that she had started to care for a SilverFang Cub known as Sasha
  • She has become rather.. moody… lately

Her father is Grigori Ivano Ryumin Revnik , Speaker to the Homelands, Homid Athro Theurge of the silver fangs. People with a fair amount of Garou lore will know his name for the following

  • A garou of moderate rank, maybe Fostern with some influence, he came into his own durind the 1990s during the rise of Baba Yaga and the Shadow Curtain.
  • He seemed to have a deep personal connection to the homelands, some suggust having to do with the ancient tie between the mortal king and his lands…
  • He was integral to several battles against the Army of Shadows and Army of Sorrows, coordinating with their efforts…
  • A major blow was struck when he led his pack against the witch's minion, the great spirit of the Urals, Grischnak. Except rather than defeat the spirit he managed to cleanse him of the WItch's influence and bring that powerful force back to gaia.
  • It is well known now that Tatyana was in hiding from her Father's influence, helped through her Kin Mother. She was recently found at the Sept of Crosswinds, where her father now knows she resides.


  • She is now solidly within her role as her father's only child
  • She is odd, not quite right some how… far too nice


Find out IC… she might talk about stuff…

IC Contact Info

Calling her is the best way to get her.

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