Name Thalia Ravenwing

Alias Little Ghost Talker

Tribe Uktena

Breed Kinfolk

Notable Traits

Is an 18 year old Native American girl with waist length black hair, smokey grey eyes showing a quiet shynes and haunting in them. she wears jeans and a sweater covering her 4' 8" delicate thin frame

she wears an engagement ring


==Information known to the Nation==

She crochets blankets, make dreamcatchers and sometimes will enchant them

She talks to ghosts and occasionally has visions

She had dated the Fianna Cianan keith until he vanished so she has recently confided in Theron as a friend

She was recently claimed as a mate by Donovan the boy from her past who used to tease her

she is pregnant


Kin / family
Eagle Eye (uncle)
Tala Kanti (eagle eye's mate)
Micawi (cousin)
Donovan (Mate)
unborn child

== Rumors ==
Eagle eye is not happy she is dating what he calls a stupid white boy who only wants one thing

== Quotes ==

Player Brandi Cantrall

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