Name - Themi Vhalos

Tribe - Black Fury

Auspice - Philodox

Breed- Homid

Notable Traits - She has a claw scar running from her right cheek from her ear to her jaw and fang bite scar on her right forearm. In the second trimester of pregnancy.

Pack - None

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin/Family - Consort Shadow Lord Kin Baikal Cossak

Rites and Chalenges

Quests SCAR realm factory raid

== Rumors ==

  • She killed her last consort, Random.
  • She is Harano Prone.
  • She is Cursed by Fate.
  • Themi is carrying on a secret affair with Vasilios.
  • Left her mate Baikal alone at Crosswinds. She had her son in whereabouts unknown and had him delivered back to Baikal, with a pin attached to his blanket, saying that she would not raise a boy child.

== Quotes ==

  • "SHHHHH…. I'm supposed to be a cold feminazi bitch" - Themi to Random


Bond - Viva!
Origa - Rise
Ace of Base - Cruel Summer
300 - the Wolf
Bond - Korobushka

==OOC Information==

Player Maria McKinnon
Location Portsmouth, VA

contact info moc.liamg|aillaiR#moc.liamg|aillaiR

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