Name - Thera Andersen "Rends the Grifter's Veil", "Bane Eater"


Tribe - Get of Fenris

Auspice - Theurge

Rank - Fostern

Breed - Homid

Notable Traits -
6app. GoF pbx4, Mark of the predator, sign of the wolf
Thera is 6'4", about 18. She's curvy for her height, but mostly just muscular.
*Her hair is no-nonsense shoulder length, pale, almost white, blonde.
*She appears to have green eyes, and rarely shows her teeth. Her ears are most often covered by her hair.
* Long, deep, claw scar along her jaw line.
* She pretty much always wears jeans, big platform combat boots, putting her height closer to 6'8 or 6'10" than 6'4", and tshirts. Catching her in a tank top will show the beginning of a 9agg scar that stretches from one shoulder to the opposite hip, and machine gun fire scars bisecting her torso down the center, because Gaia (*cough* Trover) doesn't want her to look good topless.

Pack -
Crimson Ice

Family that she doesn't talk to (or about), far far away.

== General Information ==
She is responsible for finding the Weaver Spirits to help with the cure for the rat-plague.
She's a body modification artist in normal people life, and rich.
Went to Scar with everyone else and fought like a demon.
Had the mark of favor from the City Father for a month.
Went to Greece with the Alpha and returned triumphant.
Led a group to investigate the death of a Silver Fang kin.
Went on a quest for Luna, now has sokhtu's pathstone.
Her first pack since arriving has since died.
Summoned Bat. Possibly on accident.
Hunted and killed spiders.
Been to Asgard twice.
Went to Mars, came back having proven herself to Nerigal, and joined Crimson Ice.

== Rumors ==
She tends to speak before she thinks about what she's saying. She might apologize later, but only if she decides that she went overboard. She usually doesn't.
She's good with spirits, but her idea of healing is telling you to "Suck it up and shift, pussy"
Even for a garou, she's unsually touchy during her auspice moon.
She used to have glyphs and runes scarred into her arms, and dressed super goth, then suddenly started looking 'normal'.

"I was a teenage werewolf" by The Cramps
"Bad Moon Rising" Covery by The Meteors
"Werewolf Masquerade" Moonspell
==OOC Information==

Player - TroubleKitten

Location - Iowa

Contact info - moc.oohay|ytibbatsel#moc.oohay|ytibbatsel

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