Name - Vasilios Lykaios


Tribe - Black Furies

Auspice - Baker's Moon

Rank - Kinfolk

Breed -

Notable Traits - Extremely pretty, strong Fury breeding. Vasilios is a strongly musical person, usually humming or tapping out something whn not actually making music or doing something. To those who might know, there are

Pack -

==Information known to the Nation==
Vasilios Lykaios is Fury Kin from New Orleans, with Greek origins. He was dating the formerly Shadow Lord Kin then cub then…GetKin Eva Malone until after her return, when, by his accounts, "she broke her oaths and promises to me, and another who had been working to split us succeded and made her his mate." Vasilios cooks for the Sept a great deal, particularly baking. Or he did. News has hit the Sept that he was brutally murdered in a local club.

  • Juno, cousin and parole officer.

Rites and Challenges


  • Vasilios laid a powerful curse on Gunnar to know the taste of the betrayals he had helped bring, on him and all his descendents to come.
  • He may have a drinking problem.
  • And On a Rainy Night by Shawn Mullins

OOC Information

Player - Warren

Location - Boston

Contact info - moc.liamg|egitserpcyn#moc.liamg|egitserpcyn

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