Viktor Anatoly Krushev

Viktor Anatoly Krushev Pierces the Clouds with Falcon's Gaze, Judges with Pure Thought and Intent

Player: Bee, Michael Bee

Aliases: Viktor

Creature Type: Gaian Garou, Fostern

Political Affiliation: House Crescent Moon

Titles: Viktor Anatoly Krushev, first born son of Sergei "Cleanses the Frozen Caverns" Krushev and his mate and wife, Lady Tamara Krushev. Known before the spirits and the Nation of the Garou as Pierces the Clouds with Falcon's Gaze and Judges with Pure Thought and Intent. Fostern Philodox Homid of the First Tribe, of House Crescent Moon.


Viktor has a small smile on his lips at most times, his golden blonde hair catching the light as he walks and his blue-green eyes clearly alive as he looks at almost everything. He's dressed most often in a full three piece suit, complete with vest, all in a silvery blue colour. Around his neck is a silver necklace with a small pendant on it. (3 app traits, PBx3 SF)


In Lupus, Viktor has a shimmering Silver-white furred coat with sharp, crystalline blue eyes, a lithe form, lean and swift.

Common Knowledge

*Was in an arranged Marriage to Maevalyn Gallentiev, sister to Mickhail
*Has publically denounced his actions on more than one occassion, mostly with Mickhail around
*On one occassion was hunted by Mickhail in Crinos, but shifted to Lupus and would not let him catch him.
*Has publically reprimanded Catalina for her actions and words, both as a Silver Fang, and Eldest of the Sept.
*Returned to the Sept after the death of his betrothed in Russia at the hands of a Black Spiral Dancer.
*Has Taken the widow Mirela Devetzi as his ward.


*He's Silver Fang, he's nuts
*He seems to be the only Silver Fang Garou that Ray is not actively upset with
*After a week from talking with Mirela and Mickhail in Maevalyn's cottage, the two of them ran off to Russia together
*He's actually in exile from his home Sept for doing his duty…
*He seems like he's being alienated by his fellow Fangs in this Sept for not forgetting his Duty and what it means to be Silver Fang.


Find out IC

OOC Only:
he's natively from the Siberian regions of Russia, his family moved closer to the heartland Caerns when he was young. His first change was during an arguement with another student in school about the interpretation of a particular nuance of the law… the boy survived and his family was quite well compensated (From Viktor's own trust, which is why he has only the resources he has) then he began the rest of his formal training as a Silver Fang…

His rite of passage was to judge the scandal called on the completion of another rite of passage, one of the more traditional minded voiced opinion that no Cub has the right to have, let alone use, a fetish even if it is an heirloom until they at least have become Cliath, but the fetish was used and was part of the reason for success. After careful examination of the situation, there was revealed to be some sabotage of the rite, as one of those there feared for the rise of another rival, as it was the child of the Sept Alpha and that meant likely to simply inherit the crown outright if he was 'of age' in the Garou nation. With that, the cub assumed his rank of Cliath, and so did Viktor, with the name "Pierces the Clouds with Falcon's Gaze" and a Scandal was called on the Adren who had interferred.

In the fall out of the Rite of Passage, Viktor found he'd made some political enemies of the Adren and his allied Fangs. As such, after conferring with his Father, and the Eldest Philodox of the Sept, Viktor began to travel, being an interrant judge from sept to sept as he may be needed or not. He also took this time to learn what he could where he could. Eventually his path led him to a Fenrir Sept where he made a judgement, and then was challenged in a Rite of Refusal, and was beaten by the Fostern Ahroun he'd just judged against. He accepted that and asked, as part of his loss, that he be granted a moonbridge to the Silver Fang territories of North America as he was to vacate the territory for no less than one full solar cycle.

In New Hampshire, on his arrival, an old Galliard asked him his tales, so he spoke of them and was rewarded by the spirits, and after a time of acclimation, he challenged for Fostern. His challenge… as granted to him by an Adren Silver Fang of his own Auspice, was to judge his own judgements and have it satisfactory to him and a council of the auspices. When he was done listing those he made as a Philodox, the Ragabash on the council said "Surely those are not the only judgements you have ever made…" 'What do you mean?' was the reply of the still young and confused noble "Well… you clearly made choices, or judgements, that brought you here… speak of them too, lest you fail your challenge!" with that, it took much longer, but eventually they seemed to be appeased, and so he was named "Judges with Pure Thought and Intent"

He met Maevalyn (Brandi's char) when in school and they were somewhat friendly then, due to similar family backgrounds, but never knew of any arrangements at the time. Now that he's more of age he's been notified and has travelled from the territories of the Silver Fangs in the Northern States…


Journey to Transylvania

IC Contact Info

cell phone is the best.. or maybe a spirit
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