Xing Takeshi

Basic Info

  • Name: Xing Takeshi
  • Tribe: Stargazers
  • Breed: Homid Kin to Stargazers


(((Under Construction)))

Common Knowledge

  • Xing is kin to the Stargazers
  • Seems to have problems with Haden Stone of Stone Industries
  • Is very skilled in the use of martial arts, mainly Tae Kwon Do
  • Also skilled at using many different martial arts weapons
  • Has a big mouth that gets him into trouble
  • Very self Confident
  • Always hitting on any chick that might be near him
  • Says the wrong things at the wrong time


  • All his family resides in Asia


  • Xing is a prince of one of the Emerald Courts
  • Has problems with Moria O'Malley after she denied him


  • "Any single ladies?"
  • "Are you really a chick?"

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